Founded during the pandemic of 2020

with a converted ice cream truck,

a catering license, and cocktail delivery suddenly being allowed. We set out to develop a canned cocktail that we would be excited to include in any of the drink menus that we’ve created for bars and restaurants.

drink mechanics truck bartenders in a can

40 years of beverage experience goes into every can.


After spending his college years enduring four Maine winters, he decided to seek  warmer waters in Los Angeles, CA where he found himself under the tutelage of nationally renowned bar man Julian Cox. Combining his mind for economics and logistics along with his newly honed craft, Aaron went on to play an organizational and leadership role in the design, creation, and systems implementations of several bar and restaurant openings.  In LA he opened and operated several bars around the city . He had the privilege of working in kitchens alongside brilliant chefs like John Sedlar, Roy Choi, and Walter Mantzke.  Some of the culinary techniques he learned in those kitchens would later become integral cogs for the unique production methods that Drink Mechanics employs today.   In 2016 he headed back to CT to open The Cook & The Bear in West Hartford with his brother-in-law, and award-winning chef, Tyler Anderson.  He became a founding member of the Hartford chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild.  He also consulted on and trained the opening staff of The Essex. From there he headed to Nantucket, MA and later Park City, Utah to continue his path of bar and restaurant system designs. In the Spring of 2020 when he and Taylor began to first formulate Drink Mechanics


Taylor Gillaspie holds deep roots in the hospitality business, stretching back to his childhood.  In the late 1980s his parents opened The Cottonwood Cafe in Cambridge MA with a second location in Back Bay soon to follow.  They featured creative southwestern cuisine and an award winning bar program centered around margaritas and an extensive Tequila list.  His family owned and operated  multiple locations in Boston, Maryland, and Arizona for 20+ years.  These formative years sparked a passion for hospitality that led to a lifelong pursuit of the craft. He eventually landed in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to train under renowned barman Julian Cox.  He spent over 10 years working in, opening,  and managing some of the most innovative restaurants and bar programs in the city.  Most notably were Rivera, Picca, Republique, Alexander’s Steakhouse, and Nomad LA.  Recently, he moved his family back east in 2019 to start a bar consulting business with his long time friend and colleague Aaron Stepka. They had just finished their first project together while on Nantucket during the summer/fall season of 2019 just prior to Covid-19 hitting. 


Dylan Spevacek began his bartending career in 2012 at the ripe age of 21.  Falling in love with the high-paced action of hospitality, he found a home working for the Barteca Hospitality Group in West Hartford, Connecticut.  Starting out as a back-server and working up the ranks to bartender, he was eventually asked to travel to other states for the group to train the oncoming staff at new locations as Barteca was rapidly expanding. Upon returning to CT in 2016, he was introduced to Aaron Stepka, and was taught the true craft of bartending. Under Aaron’s and another nationally renowned bartender, Tim Cabral (Ordinary, New Haven) tutelage, Dylan learned to apply advanced culinary techniques to his beverage creations.  Having spent the last 4 years working in finance and trades, Dylan joined Drink Mechanics as an investor in 2021 with the belief that Drink Mechanics can be industry leaders in delivering cocktail bar quality to the consumer in convenient, shelf-stable packaging.


ice-cream truck to
brick and mortar ...

The goal for Drink Mechanics was always to change the landscape of canned alcoholic beverages.  We are very proud to continue on that path, since our inception in 2020.  What started with developing and canning by hand in Aaron’s parents’ pool house, and then getting those cans directly into customers’ hands by way of delivery, has evolved into commercial production and full distribution across the state through Craft Connecticut.  The next phase from here is already underway:  We are currently in early demolition on 8,000 sqft in downtown Hartford at the site of our future forever home.  Not only will this distillery house our canning production, it will also offer a full bar, restaurant, and live entertainment.  We are very proud of our extensive backgrounds in hospitality and it is our intention to use that experience to bring our guests a unique and memorable experience whenever they choose to visit…

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